Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crazy Beautiful Weekend

Hello there ! I hope that your weekend was lovely and that your week has gotten off to a wonderful start, my weekend was...well....a bit hectic.
So, I'm sorry you didn't hear from me on Friday or Monday.
Matt and shot two weddings this weekend. One here in Tampa, FL and the other in Savannah, GA. It was fun and Savannah is absolutely gorgeous but it was very very tiring to make that trip ( a six hour drive ) in between two full days of photographing weddings (typically about a ten hour day). None the less we had a great time!
I love to travel and see new things with Matt! We love the adventure of a new place, and Historic Downtown Savannah is beautiful, and the overall culture is so different than what we experience here in Tampa.
Savannah seemed to be an entire city of people who were active, and appreciated the outdoors and the natural beauty that surrounds them, also, there are a couple different art schools in Downtown Savannah so there is a very strong arts community.
We will definitely be paying another visit!

Anyhow, we are back home, unpacked, and I am ready to get back to The Lovely Lemon!
(photo weheartit.com)
I thought you all might like a little sneak peak at a beautiful photo Matt took from Saturdays wedding! This photo is one of my favorite portfolio shots so far!

I will be back later tonight with this week's inspirations, "The Fashion Dilemma" weekly photos will be postponed until Friday which means you will have two weeks worth of outfits to rate! And don't forget about the giveaway later on in the week!

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