Friday, January 21, 2011

Lovely Lemonade Etsy Shop Update!

Check it out HERE!
And you can expect shop updates just about EVERY Friday!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Online Decoration Inspirations!

In my search for apartment inspirations of all kinds I came across these goodies on! Most of my inspirations are very kitcheny in theme. I'm still trying to decide what color combos I like best. But blue and green are definitely in the mix!
(no surprise there ;)

I love whimsical vintage atmosphere mixed with modern pieces!
Hope you enjoy the Tuesday evening eye candy ! ;)

So, you may have noticed that this last photo is not of a kitchen or even a room....but I absolutely ADORE the color combination!
Happy decorating!

Project: Apartment Design

Hey there friendlies!
I hope your Tuesday night is finding you well.
I have given myself permission to take a break from stress, and worries, and spend time creating and dreaming.
The focus of my current dreamings?
I dream of when Matt and I are back in our own place (we have been living with family for over two years) but even more so tonight I have been thinking about the more fun aspects of once again living on our own....decorating!
I have stacks yes STACKS of magazines that I have been tearing through to find decoration inspiration! I have decided to make an "Apartment Dream Book" far it's a really fun project!
Another post coming later tonight filled with some of my favorite online inspirations....
see you then!

(above photo via

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Love is Grand

I'm feeling especially in love with my Matt today.
From the moment we met I was so darn loud he couldn't ignore me!
Lucky me he fell in love with that weird loud girl...and now I get to grow old with him.....feeling mighty thankful!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Etsy Shop Is Officially OPEN for Business!

Today was filled with creativity! I spent it organizing my crafties, and creating my Etsy shop which I decided to name
I am so excited! For some reason this has been a very hard step for me to take with my business, but I finally did it!
I am already planning shop updates and dreaming up new products!
Give it a looksee at the Lovely Lemonade Shop and do tell me what you think! ;)