Friday, February 26, 2010

Meet Matt (the hubby)

My biggest inspiration!
We met in high school and we were instant friends, started dating after graduation, and were married 6 months later in 2006!
Matt is a photographer here in Tampa, you can check out his work here.
I am so proud of how he has taught himself the in's and out's of photography!
I love being married to someone who is as creatively talented as he is, it spurs my own creativity!(and who wouldn't mind being married to someone as good looking too?)

Matt at his Office themed birthday party this year.
Here is the night that Matt proposed to me (03/03/06)
the best thing I ever said yes to!
our wedding day
this one is a lot more recent (although still about 6 months old)
Another shot of my silly billy at his party. You can see more of the Office party here.
Well, that's my Matt, the one who spurs my creativity, and tells me I can do it all!
I love him!

If you are interested in seeing more of his work you can follow his photography blog here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Homemade for my Hair

I'm so looking forward to spring but for now here are some of the more fall-ish pieces I have been sporting lately. Usually it's do hard to choose between the three!
I hope you like!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bib necklace round 1

I have seen a lot of these bib necklaces lately, and i got to thinking that I could probably make that myself ! So I gave it a try!
Here are some renditions of the bib necklace that I found pleasing.
And here's what I made. Not bad for a first try, and I have worn it about ten times now!
For this project I used stiff felt, and some fabric scraps I had lying around to make the flowers and I braided some of the same fabric to make the rope.
I'd like to make some sparkly versions too!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh so ready for Springtime!

I need spring to be here already! I'm ready for spring colors, and flowers, and green green grass!
Who's with me?
Here are some lovelies that make me want Springtime even more!

tulle flowers from Red Velvet Art
Bright dresses and cardigans from Fred Flare
lovely white flower necklace from Anthropologie
I am also in the market for some springtime home decor like this sweet little jar from Anthropologie
I long for picnics and kite flying! On the list is a lovely picnic basket like this one, and a big colorful blanket!
What are some of your favorite things to do in the Spring?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Learning to Crochet!

I have learned how to crochet! . . .well, I have learned the single crochet stitch .
I have been practicing and practicing so that I can do it in my sleep before I move on to more complicated stitches and patterns. I have stitched and stitched and I have managed to make something that I can actually wear...check out this handy neckwarmer!

It is by no means perfect but I am so proud of it! I could not have made it without the Kids Crochet book I got from the library!
I don't have any other neck warmers , so I think I will make another one!
I'm really making progress on the third item of my list.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Time Traveler's Wife

My husband and I just watched the Time Traveler's Wife (sigh)...beautiful. If you are a lady and you have not yet seen this movie, it is a must. The fashion, interiors, and the general way that this movie is filmed is so inspiring to me.

Even the details of the graphic design inspire me. I love the blur bubbles ( I'm sure that there is an official photography term but I don't know what it is) used in the credits.
the most charming scenes in the movie are when Henry(Eric Bana) goes to see young Claire (Rachel Mcadams ) in a meadow.
I just love Rachel Mcadams, I will watch any movie she chooses to make!

Beautiful beautiful need to see this!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Funny Valentines: Show and Tell

I'm so excited ! It's the first Lovely Lemon show and tell!
So, here's how I made my Valentines this year.
They are so easy to make but I think they are adorable!

For the headband/eyepatch you need:
- colorful felt
- embroidery floss/needle
- scissors
- hot glue gun /glue
- yarn, ribbon, or twine
1. cut out hearts from colorful felt
2. Use a small amount of hot glue to attach yarn (or other) in between hearts to keep it in place while you stitch.
3. Use embroidery floss/needle to stitch around felt heart.

Voila! you have got a lovely Valentine heart headband ....or eyepatch!
For the mustaches you need:
- stiff felt
- scissors
- wooden dowels
- hot glue gun/glue
1. Cut mustache shapes from stiff felt.
2. Glue two mustache cut outs together with a dowel at one end in between them.
3. Press felt down around dowel on the back side to secure.
Happy Valentines Day boys!
( do have mustaches)

My Funny Valentines

I'm not typically a Valentine giver, but this year I decided to make some !
I came up with two different ideas, one for boys and one for girls. Both are super affordable too!
(as they are made out of felt)

For girls: I thought a cute heart headband would be fun!

Plus can also be worn as an eyepatch!
For boys: mustache on a stick! What silly boy wouldn't like a temporary handlebar mustache?
I'm making them as Valentines but they would be great to keep handy just to give as a random gift to a friend!
Come back later to see how I made them!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome !

I'm a pretty simple girl really....I just want to craft my life... that's all.
I will post on my adventures in crafts, as I learn different techniques.
I will also post on things that inspire me, in hopes that they will inspire you too!

Things to accomplish:
1. set up a lovely space to create in.
2. post 3 times a week to keep my mind working creatively, and to learn more about myself and my personal style.
3. learn to crochet.
4. learn to knit.
5. learn to sew.
6. try new things all the time.
7. think like a kid and use my imagination.
8. give random gifts ( to friends, family, and you!)
9. re-invent (saves money !)
10. share it all with you!

So, why the Lovely Lemon you ask?
Because life gives us lemons....lots of lemons.
And sometimes we have to re-create those lemons into something lovely.