Saturday, February 6, 2010

Welcome !

I'm a pretty simple girl really....I just want to craft my life... that's all.
I will post on my adventures in crafts, as I learn different techniques.
I will also post on things that inspire me, in hopes that they will inspire you too!

Things to accomplish:
1. set up a lovely space to create in.
2. post 3 times a week to keep my mind working creatively, and to learn more about myself and my personal style.
3. learn to crochet.
4. learn to knit.
5. learn to sew.
6. try new things all the time.
7. think like a kid and use my imagination.
8. give random gifts ( to friends, family, and you!)
9. re-invent (saves money !)
10. share it all with you!

So, why the Lovely Lemon you ask?
Because life gives us lemons....lots of lemons.
And sometimes we have to re-create those lemons into something lovely.

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