Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Funny Valentines: Show and Tell

I'm so excited ! It's the first Lovely Lemon show and tell!
So, here's how I made my Valentines this year.
They are so easy to make but I think they are adorable!

For the headband/eyepatch you need:
- colorful felt
- embroidery floss/needle
- scissors
- hot glue gun /glue
- yarn, ribbon, or twine
1. cut out hearts from colorful felt
2. Use a small amount of hot glue to attach yarn (or other) in between hearts to keep it in place while you stitch.
3. Use embroidery floss/needle to stitch around felt heart.

Voila! you have got a lovely Valentine heart headband ....or eyepatch!
For the mustaches you need:
- stiff felt
- scissors
- wooden dowels
- hot glue gun/glue
1. Cut mustache shapes from stiff felt.
2. Glue two mustache cut outs together with a dowel at one end in between them.
3. Press felt down around dowel on the back side to secure.
Happy Valentines Day boys!
( do have mustaches)

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