Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Encouraged to Craft :)

Recently I was gifted with two crafty little presents. One was a birthday gift and the other was just because! I have the best friends and family who are always encouraging my passions! Warm fuzzies..... :)
Check out my loot!

A little package arrived in the mail today and it contained these amazing vintage buttons that she found at a yard sale! I adore them and I can wait to make some lovely cup sleeves with them!

Thanks Lori!

And these beauties are from a lovely co-worker of mine. She arrived (very) early at Starbucks to open the store with me a few weeks ago and presented me with a bag from Hobby Lobby .
note: the closest Hobby Lobby is roughly 2 hours from where I live so it was exciting to see)
She had gone there with her mom and sister to get supplies for her sisters wedding and just couldn't resist snapping me up some beautiful yarn and buttons to make more cup sleeves!
Just for the heck of it presents....who doesn't love that?!

Thanks again Rachel!

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