Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Inspire me Monday [ on Tuesday ]

Hello! Well, we are almost mid-week once again and I find myself already behind....relate?
The laundry is piled up (and bills similarly) workin' hard for the man all day
...I digress......LIVING FOR THE MOMENT!
On that note.... Inspire Me Monday coming to you on Tuesday .
First up!

1. Cate Blanchett and her Oscar dress! Love or Hate?
I personally ADORE! The color palette is beautiful while the cut in sort of strangely beautiful...a structural pastel lovely.
But let's face it....Cate Blanchett can pull off interesting like nobodies business!

2. I have briefly changed courses in my crafting endeavors to learn (partially) jewelry making! I know a little bit and it's refreshing to learn a new skill....but lately I have been missing my yarn. The colors and textures! Crochet is back in my heart in a big way!

Which reminds me, I still haven't really shared with you the project that I was working on... patience dear friends patience. ;)

3. This color palette! I'm not sure why but I adore pastels this week! I blame Cate Blanchett.
Hopefully I can incorporate these colors into some projects this week!

4. Lastly the BHLDN collection of incredible wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and accessories to swoon over!
I have been having so much fun browsing through all of their selections.
Here's the favorites...I think Matt and I need to get married again so that I can wear one of these beauties!

Thanks for joining in on this Tuesday night.
I'm dreaming up a pretty sweet little giveaway for next week so be sure to check back! ;)

(all images via weheartit.com)


  1. I'm sorry but I hated that Cate Blanchett dress. I thought the purple bit was lovely, but what on earth was the yellow stuff? It looked like she had some sort of growth or was suffering from a flesh eating bacteria. However, I think those wedding gowns are gorgeous!

  2. I've thought about getting married again(to Ryan of course!), just so I could get all dressed up again with a new dress!!lol

    Danielle Grose

  3. Married minus the wedding :( I don't regret it but of course still dream of having a special day just for us && of COURSE wearing a beautiful once in a lifetime gown. That first dress was stunning. :) Kate's? Eh. Not my style. Lol