Monday, March 21, 2011

Inspire Me Monday : More Movie Love!

Happy Monday campers! It's time once again for Inspire Me Monday! I got so excited with the movie theme of last weeks edition that I thought I would extend it into this week too!

If you find yourself low on inspiration , watch any one of these beauties and I guarantee you will find some inspiration!

1. Valentines Day: a super cute little movie about several different people's intertwined lives on one Valentines Day in Los Angeles. Think New York, I love you....but more predictable . But vibrant and adorable none the less.

2. Stranger Than Fiction: This one belongs to my favorites over-all list. Clever, beautiful, and sweet!

3. The Notebook: Come can I not find this 1930 lovely inspiring every single time?

4. Down With Love: I would definitely call this one retro! A gorgeous little color-blocked number packed with fashion, dreamy interiors, and lots of little zings!

5. The Brothers Bloom: LOVE! This one is also on the favorites list for sure! Can't even describe it as anything other than magic!


  1. Sara you'll have to see my 'movie inspired post'
    I have seen a couple of these, maybe I'll check em out :]