Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Inspire Me Monday (on Tuesday.... again)

Here comes this weeks edition of Inspire me...er...Tuesday.
I love movies so I thought that I would share some of my go-to inspiring movies.
Every once in a while when I am really wanting to have a crafting day my inspiration will stall out just a bit so I turn to a movie that is absolutely inspiring.
All of these movies are breath taking and they always get my creative juices flowing.
A few of these movies even fall in to my all time favorite list.
Sorry this post is a bit photo heavy but I hope that you enjoy!
1. Marie Antoinette

2. Edward Scissor Hands
3. Breakfast at Tiffany's

4. Misses Pettigrew Lives For a Day

5. Fantastic Mr. Fox

6. Almost Famous

7. Funny Face

8. Lucky Number Slevin
9. 500 Days of Summer

All of these movies are beautifully made . The wardrobe selections and gorgeous interiors are a dream come true!
Do any of these movies inspire you? If not these, what movies do inspire you?

(all images wehearit.com)


  1. great choices in miss pettigrew lives for a day and funny face! i would add to that list pride and prejudice (of course) and the brothers bloom (which somehow many people haven't known about, but i love, love, love it).
    love the blog sarah-it inspires me as well

  2. The Brothers Bloom is FANTASTIC! But I think I'm saving that one just for the all time favorite list. I adore the part where it goes into all the hobbies that she "collects" ! Great movie!

  3. audrey hepburn makes everything better! and almost famous is my favorite movie of all time!!
    i also love popping in any disney movie because the colors, the music and the magic get me in a crafting mood (yes i am 8 years old sometimes haha)

  4. Up! Is a nice one as well as Johnny Depp's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Speaking of Johnny Depp: Pirates of the Caribbean has nice imagery...btw, not related to crafting but Dirty Dancing Havana Nights inspires me to dance :)

  5. Ooh another dancing/singing movie I just saw that had some interesting outfits was Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Cher! Right along the same lines as Mulan Rouge. (sp?)