Sunday, October 31, 2010

Indie Craft Show 2010 Part 3!

Dun duh booth from the Indie Craft Show!
I am so pleased with how it all came together!
After many MANY run throughs...I finally figured out how I wanted it to look....
take a look and tell me how you thought it turned out!

I fit all my cup sleeves, hair accessories, jewelry, and other crocheted items into my "lemonade stand". It took so much work to get it just right with all my merchandise fit in...and it turned out JUST RIGHT!! :)

Hope your week is magic!
I've got lots planned, check back!


  1. oh i think it looks so precious! that middle picture makes it look like a "sweets shop" and a closer up view shows you did have SO many sweet pieces in your booth.

  2. this is just delightful

    very well done, all your effort was soo worth it :)