Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indie Craft Show 2010 Part 1!

Hello! I hope your Thursday night is splendid!
It has been almost two weeks since the Indie Craft Show and I think I am fully recovered!

I'm back to blogging and ready to share all the fun details!
Part one:
the decorations!

Who doesn't love balloons?
Originally I was going to mix them all up into colorful bundles but I'm loving the look of them all seperate! They look like gumballs!Fun!
A large table was set in the center of the space covered in brown paper, we also set out crayons, colored pencils, and markers to let everyone doodle!
It was fun for adults and for kids!

pom pom flowers! :)

fabric pennants are my favorite right now and also the perfect way to spruce up the kitchen!
Coming tomorrow......a tour of the vendor boothes!

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