Thursday, October 21, 2010

Indie Craft Show Whirlwind Preparation

I'm getting ready to finally share details with you from the Indie Craft Show this past Saturday I promise!
But first I wanted to share my experience from getting this thing together!
It all started with an idea to throw a craft show because ...well why not?

I quickly enlisted friend Nikki was kind enough to help me plot and plan this craft show very carefully.
We decided that we wanted it to have the feeling of more like a big "craft party" then a craft show.
But then again, neither one of us had ever been IN a craft show...or been TO a craft show....but why should that stop us?
I have planned a lot of parties but I haven't planned an event in a long time.
Nikki and I met many times to discuss food, decorations, flyers, vendors , and marketing.
Slowly but surely this thing came together.
Every vendor asked to participate answered with an enthusiastic yes!
(which was re-assuring and intimidating at the same time)
Now it was time to deliver.
How do you pull off an event like this? I didn't have one clue.
I crafted and crafted away, sat down to brainstorm countless times the best way to communicate important information to the vendors, the cheapest (and cutest) decorations, and what in the world to serve for food and drink at this thing?

Nikki was such a help in establishing a vision for the decor and the "feeling" of the event.
I also found that the FANTASTIC vendors were more than willing to help me solve logistical problems and lend helping hands in preparations like decorations or baking 300 CUPCAKES!

The day turned out amazingly well, even with the chaotic moments it included as some of all that careful planning started to become useless.
As stressful as it was at those times, I am so glad for all the lovely ladies who helped out and got excited for this event!

Just a few of the 300 cupcakes!
A little preview of the Indie Craft Show decor!
Full details coming tomorrow!
(I promise! :)
(photos via Kendra Randall!)

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