Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Craft Show in less than two weeks! + flower pins!

Hello all! Less than two weeks before the big Indie Craft Show!
I've never sold items at a craft show before (much less planned the whole thing! lol)
I have been crafting LIKE A MANIAC! I am up to 102 cup sleeves and have successfully added into the mix Christmas/Halloween cup sleeves, as well as more boy friendly versions!
In addition to cup sleeves I will be selling a number of other creations which Iwill be sharing with you here!

First up....flower pins!
Remember these little guys I was working on?
I decided to make some in more earthy tones as well.
I've added a pin to the backs with the help of matching felt.....
....and I'm pleased as punch with how they came out!
MANY more flowers are springing to life this week....among many other things!
My hands have been very busy!
Check beck for previews of what some other lovely vendors will be selling!
Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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