Thursday, December 2, 2010

Productive, Crafty, Christmasy Morning = Happy Heart!

Oh I had the best morning today! (the afternoon and evening were a bit...shall we say sticky?..... but no matter)
I got up early, had two cups of coffee..and got to crafting,
I crocheted by the light of my Christmas tree while I watched Polar Express!
I also packaged up a few prizes from the recent giveaway as well as a few custom orders that I completed this week.
I found myself wishing so much that crafting could be my full time job...I just feel right when I am doing something creative!
I think that doing one creative thing can spark ides for all kinds of other creative things...I also dreamt up a few fun concepts for photo shoots while I was in Christmas crafty magic land!
Creating makes my heart oh so happy!

1 comment:

  1. oooh i wish i could craft for a living too! my problem is i tend to want to keep everything i make... so no money in that business. haha

    funny story: my boyfriend woke me up last night and said "you have a package from the lovely lemon... but she put her real name on there too so you wouldn't be confused" haha so cute!
    i can't wait to get home and open it!!!