Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Harry Potter Project!

Hello! I hope everyone's week is splendid so far!
For those of you who don't know ...I have become a bit of well....a GIGANTIC Harry Potter fan!
I am still in the process of reading the books but I adore the movies!
A good friend of mine named Bre asked me to tackle a Harry Potter project for her and I was more than happy to help!
I have been enlisted to make her a scarf in Gryfindor colors. Which only makes me want to have a great big Harry Potter marathon while I crochet it!
Not to mention the new movie (which was fantastic , and I may or may not have seen it more than once already) ;)

Anyhow...here are some of my favorite moments from the movies!
(all images weheartit.com)

Ta da!....the scarf in progress. I have made MUCH more progress since that photo was taken.
Very fun project! Thanks Bre!


  1. Wow Sara Looks great! I know Bre will love it...your so talented! Lisa

  2. Sara Sara Sara! Sorry it too me so long to comment I freaking love this! I squeed when I saw it, anytime your feeling a marathon or lego harry potter which I know youll love im down! Im in debt to you my dear this is a scarf Harry himself would be proud to wear! Thank you again your the best crocheter in the world!


  3. Bre I''m so excited that YOU are so excited! ;)

    and Lisa...thank you....you are such a sweetie!