Friday, December 31, 2010

Backyard Preparations

Today my dog Daisy and I ventured out into the backyard to take photos of my cup sleeves in preparation for the opening of my Etsy shop!
( Well, I took photos and Daisy mainly barked at birds) ;)
Here's a few peaks from my afternoon

She's just the cutest sweet little thing <3
The scene is set!

Bring on the cup sleeves!
Here's a look at what my product shots will look like! I love the way the woodgrain from our fence looks in the back ground!
Whatcha think?


  1. Daisy looks adorable! Also, I'm so glad you're doing an etsy shop. You're stuff is great, and you totally deserve a wider audience

  2. Yay! An etsy page...I love tht website. I always wondered if u had one...Btw I LOVE tht bright green cupsleeve w rainbow bow! It's so vibrant :) everything looks great. U should try to sell to the starbucks company && sell in their store.

  3. oh i can't wait to see the final product! (and i also have my eye on that cup sleeve with the bow... CUTE!) the pictures look great!
    and my June (a chiweenie) would just love to play with Daisy

  4. You are all so sweet and encouraging! I'm glad to have readers like you!