Thursday, March 4, 2010

To Do's

I hate to blog and run but it is so very late, and working at Starbucks starts early!
(gotta caffeinate all of those early birds)
Matt has to work all weekend and so I will have lots of time on my hands to create and share with you!

I will be starting a new feature on the blog tomorrow called Friday Favorites!
AND ....there will be a GIVEAWAY tomorrow! (who doesn't like free stuff?)
Stay tuned everyone!

For now I leave you with my ever-growing to-do list:

-photograph and package up the giveaway prize
-paint my toenails a fun springtime color
-finally (2 weeks later) pack up bridal shower decorations
- re-organize crafting area (it's out of control)
-make bachelorette party plans!
-make a dinner menu for the rest of the week

....and the list goes on!
I'll be back tomorrow with Friday Favorites!
But for now here's a funny picture of Daisy for you ;)

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