Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spick and Span

It's late Wednesday night and I am cleaning and organizing away! Why?
Tomorrow is my day off from work and for my sanity I need some time to zone out into creativity land. I have been so busy (and sleepy when I'm not busy) lately that I have not had time to let my mind wander and to let my inspirations guide me. So many times my day off is filled with plans with people, chores, or errands...but not tomorrow!
Tomorrow is devoted to the creative process!
(which is why I have been cleaning and organizing like a maniac for the last two days!)

On the (not really) agenda for tomorrow:

-learn how to use my vintage flower loom (hello online tutorial!)

-walk with Daisy in the sun

-rummage through the itunes store to find my next creativity inducing album

-make a fun playlist for a bachelorette party I am throwing on Saturday

-make a new necklace

- practice my crochet skills

Also tomorrow I will be posting with a new feature I like to call "Nifty Thrifty"
I will share my recent thrifting finds.....some vintage, some just plain neat!

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