Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It's Nifty Thrifty Thursday

The thrifting process has been very good to me lately, I have been finding lots of my favorites!
My favorite thrift shop would have to be a little place called Nearly New, they are cheap cheap cheap and I always find what I'm looking for!

Set of three strawberry canisters only cost me $3! Now they hold my crafting supplies

I love to find interesting glassware, the best is to find funny little mugs
like the brown one below, the newest to the family and my current favorite for coffee.

I'm starting a collection of mis-matched tea cups and saucers ( which I generally find for about .50 each) and pretty pastel goblets. I have a tea party plan!
I loooooooove this container! Only three dollars and she was mine! .....She now lives in my bathroom.
I was so excited to find this cosmetics case, so many memories! (and only $2!)
This is my new take along crafting kit!
Many more nifty thrifty Thursdays to come!
Not every week but probably every other Thursday....lovely day!

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