Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've come a long way baby

A year ago I decided to learn how to crochet...I wanted to do it just for fun, for the sake of learning something new.
I made a few scarves but I decided that I wanted to make something I could use a little more often, and since I have a fairly committed addiction to coffee
(having worked for Starbucks for more than two years probably has something to do with that;) I thought that I could make a cup sleeve a lot like the cardboard ones that we give out with beverages at Starbucks! I made the first one and I loved it ! I couldn't help making more! I LOVE the design process, I find it so relaxing. Which shades of yarn go best with which buttons? which yarn colors do I want to crochet together in stripes? Seriously it's my favorite part!

Here's a few of the very first sleeves I ever created. Boy I had no idea where this was all going!

I continued learning new techniques and combining new colors, and wouldn't you know it someone saw me using my sleeve one day and wanted to buy one!
Naturally I was thrilled that someone actually wanted to give me money for something that I had created!
Here comes the obsession.
The fact that people wanted to buy my sleeves only made me want to make more!
Before I knew it I was staying up late every night crocheting my fingers off and making plans for a craft show I put together with my lovely friend Nikki (a.k.a. Squid Dumpling) called the Indie Craft Show!
Before the Indie Craft Show I had over 140 cup sleeves but by the time we closed the doors that night I only had about 90!
Success! Who knew?
And the cherry on top is that I just opened an Etsy shop Lovely Lemonade this month after much trepidation. But I'm so glad that I did because I made not only my first, but also my second Etsy sale on Saturday! Can I get a high five?!

I feel like my designs have really come a long way....and I'm still having so much fun!
(one of my more recent cup sleeve designs, and also one of my favorites!)
Also, it seems that Spring is about to be in swing here in my neck of the woods!
I'm a Florida girl and our Winter (you know those 3 or 4 weeks when it drops down to a frigid ;) 30 degrees! ) seems to be winding down slowly.
I don't mind, part of me is really ready for Spring! In my opinion it's perfect beach time here because it's not too swealtering out yet.

Are you still enjoying Winter or are you ready for Spring?
Let's hear your favorite season!

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