Friday, June 11, 2010

Cool hand me ;)

I have been a crocheting maniac! I really want to perfect me skills, even though so far I can only do a single crochet stitch, but in time I will get even better!
I recently made a cute cup sleeve to use on to go cups from coffee shops or mugs at home!
I'm quite proud, it's so nice to be able to make things that you actually use or wear!
I of course made it in my two favorite colors blue and green, how did I do?

I'm doing a giveaway tomorrow so make sure to stop by!
You all are so lovely, thank you for reading!


  1. Hey Sara! Nice to meet you! (:
    Both your blogs are adorable!! That is such a cute coffee cup sleeve. I wish I had the patience to learn how to crochet!

  2. Your cup sleeve is cute, and your work is nice and even. I think you're going to find crochet not too difficult and very rewarding.

  3. Super job! I want to learn how to crochet so bad. I just cannot seem to it!?

  4. I LOOOOVE IT!!! It's so cute!!


  5. Thank you for the love ladies!

  6. Saraaaaaa! I miss you! I love your blogs!! I just starting learning how to crochet a couple of days ago! I love the coffee holder! You will have to teach me how to make it :)

  7. I think RVA camp will help with learning to crochet - I haven't done it in ages (seriously - like 15 years!!) I think I need a crocheted cozy too... :)