Saturday, June 12, 2010

Inspiring crafting book and a giveaway!

I have had the BEST luck lately at thrift stores! I found this amazing 1966 crafting book for $1! It's a guide to knitting, dressmaking, and needlecraft...and is filled with fantastic photos and tons of creative inspiration! This book is perfect for when I'm feeling creatively stumped . (which happens more often than I would like)

I LOVE it!
Now on to the giveaway!
Up for grabs is a craft book that I have in my own collection! The Creative Homeowner Complete Embellishing Techniques and Projects.
It's full of useful hints and techniques for adorable projects!
Just leave me a comment in this post telling me what your favorite movie is , and I will choose a winner at random on Tuesday (6/15) at midnight!
I've got my fingers crossed for all of you!

I hope you are all having an unbelievable Saturday!
Good luck!


  1. My favorite movie is the Sandlot - American classic filled with endless wit and banter. "YOU'RE KILLING ME SMALLS!"

  2. Ooooh, favorite movie is hard. I believe it has to be House of 1,000 Corpses because that movie is bonkers!

  3. Picking a favorite movie is difficult for me...I don't watch very many because I have a short attention span!

    I'll go with Pirates of the Caribbean though...I never get tired of watching it!

  4. Mine is A Beautiful Mind.... It's personal- Nikki

  5. That book looks straight up amazing!!!!!1 Thrifting so much fun.

    eternal sunshine of the spotless mind because i heart kate winslet and her pretty colored hair. :)