Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inspired by : Balloons

I am always thinking about what it is that inspires me. Through different seasons of my life it is usually different types of things. I have noticed that everything lately is sort of free, or at least care free in nature.
I am soooo inspired by balloons right now. They remind me of being a kid. The way they dance in the wind is sort of magical you know?
I think they are one of the purely happiest things on Earth. Think about it...where do you see balloons ? Parties! Birthday parties, anniversary parties, graduation parties...you do not usually see balloons at funerals.
Happy Tuesday!
Celebrate something today!


  1. I love balloons too they always make me think of being carefree and having no worries in the world to bad that isn't the case in real life right! Thanks for stopping by my blog

  2. *sigh* How gorgeous...VERY inspiring!!!

  3. What's a party without a few dozen balloons. The Dollar Store has a great selection. ** My favorite movie/tv moment with balloons.. Big gives Carrie a bundle of red balloons*** double sigh***