Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Things about me...

It's Monday Funday!
I hope your weekends were fantastic!
I'm going to start sharing things with you that you don't know
Confession 1:
I'm a library goer!!

I love to go to the library and get books on learning just about anything!
For the longest time I have checked out mainly crochet books, but cooks books are fun too!
I have really been looking for some good-read novels lately
....any suggestions for my next trip??


  1. Hooray for the Library! I not only use it frequently, I often buy from and donate to their used book shop. It's so important to keep the libraries open.

  2. humm you know me i am an avid reader. Here are some series I recommend:
    HARRY POTTER (sorry had to be said lol)
    House of Night
    Sookie Stackhouse Novels
    Dark Tower Series from Stephen King
    Eyes of the Drangon by Stephen King
    Tuck Everlasting

    Just to name a few lol

  3. Golly I have got to get to the library more often - I just own so many books I haven't had a chance to read, it's hard to justify getting more (even if I'm just borrowing them). Lately I've been really into Agatha Christie mysteries, it's fun to try to figure it out while reading along, and they are not so gruesome as to give you nightmares (hey, I have an active imagination!) :)