Sunday, August 29, 2010

5 Reasons to Look Forward to Fall

Thank goodness it's September! Oh, this Florida heat!
We are all coming into the part of the year known as fall (only sort-of fall here in Tampa Florida where the heat is still BLAZING!)
However....I do so look forward to the chilling weather that the fall months do bring!
I got to thinking this week?....What is it i am looking forward to most this year ?
Here's the top 5!

1. Scarves! (and boots!)
Once the cool weather rolls in this year I want to wear scarves with everything!
Maybe even crochet a few !
Even lightweight or silk scarves can make me feel more like fall even when worn with a tank top!
Here's one of my favorites from!

(image from

2. Autumn Colors!
Here in Florida there are two colors to see the leaves. Green......and brown. (dead)
That does not mean that I don't adore the changing leaves of the fall season!


3. The NEW season of The Office!
Oh! What is going to happen next?! One of my favorite pass-times is to watch The Office seasons 1-6 while I craft!
(and this jsut happens to be one of my favorite moments from the show)
4. Bike Rides!
Matt and I got bikes this year! He has taken his out a few times but it has been waaaaay too hot for me to take mine out . But once the cool weather is upon us I'm busting that baby out!
If anyone knows where I can find a cute basket please comment with a link!
5. Watching Beauty and The Beast 100 times!
I'm not sure why really but Beauty and The Beast seems like such a autumn-time movie to me!
It's a childhood classic for me and this season I would love to become acquainted with it again!

I just LOVE this scene with the birds!
(both images

Oh! I can't just limit it to five reasons to be excited for fall!
Let's get you to ten!
6. making chili,stews, and other cold weather yums!
7. Pumpkin Spice lattes!
8. Learning to crochet a hat!
9. Halloween! (what will I be this year??)
10. The Indie Craft Show on October 16th!

Do you have big ideas for fall?


  1. i too can not wait until fall arrives!

  2. 1. I love scarfs, too!
    2. Running the the cool air.
    3. Watching movies with the window's open. (Ben love's football with the windows open)
    4. Chili with grilled cheese
    5. Knowing Christmas is just around the corner.