Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's in a Name?

Wow! Busy weeks here in the Kent household lately!

Matt has been very busy building his photography business Matthew R Photo,
and I have been slaving away making crocheted cup sleeves
to sell in the craft show I'm putting together!
I could not be more excited about this show!
The date has been set for Saturday, October 16th!
So, now I will be hard at work building some inventory, and setting up my website.
But first.... I need to NAME my business!
I've gone back and forth between several names but I think the one that I like best is
Lemon Made!
It's sort of a play-on-words with lemonade which is why I like it.
When life gives you lemons, craft them into something lovely!

(photos above

I'll be making as many of these lovelies as my hands will allow!


  1. lemons are my favorite fruit.
    i literally eat them like oranges

  2. Lemon Made is a brand of bath/beauty products. I'd hate to see you get in trouble for trademark infringement.

  3. Aaaahhhh! I just looked it up too:( It is the name of a master clense and the body products! ?? I wonder if it actually matters though? I don't know if they could "own" that name or not? I love it too much for you! Ugh

  4. I know!! I;m a little bummed but I have lots of other ideas too!

  5. Contact them. As long as you are not competing in the same product area or using thier company's good reputation and image to further your own sales, they may not care. It would be a great name for you. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, though.

  6. I'm actually glad you pointed it out to me! I did look it up before I landed on that name but I must have overlooked those products.
    No worries!Make lemonade remember?!

  7. When I was starting my business, you could incorporate any name that wasn't used in the same state. I would suspect that, as long as they're not in Florida, you should be okay. Also, I want one.