Friday, April 23, 2010

Favorites Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope that your week has been beautiful!
I have been trying to hard this week to make sure that I devote time to being creative, time to breath and re-boot. I think that it's important.
This weeks favorites are things that inspire me, that make me happy, and my first favorite thing this week is just something I have been inspired to do.
Here we go!

1. I really want to start wearing more skirts and dresses! It just says Spring to me, and also I want to make an effort to dress more feminine. I have been drooling over these beauties from modcloth....pretty pretty pretty!

Indie Darling Dress
Clueless Skirt
Dee-lightful Dress
Grecian Green Dress
About the Author Dress
Tropicalia Skirt

2. I absolutely ADORE how Rachel McAdams is styled in Sherlock Holmes! Her wardrobe is lovely, I especially loved the menswear pieces that she wears in the movie! Add amazing hair and makeup and the look couldn't be more perfect!

Also, I love Rachel McAdams in general. I love her style and the way she carries herself.
So here's some eye candy.

3. Turquoise and green Etsy loves!

4. Weiner dogs! I could be having the worst day , but if I see someone walking a dachshund or two it turns my whole day around! They are just so funny and cute looking with their long bodies and big ears....they make me giggle to myself every time!
Of course these two top photos are my dog Daisy!
But this little photo is a dog I don't could you not want to just snuggle and play with this little guy?
5. Cooking and table setting!
Matt and I used to spend alot of time cooking together and we also used to entertain alot!
I miss it so much and I want to get back to it!
Ahhhhh....who wants to have dinner with me at this table?

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

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