Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wedding Weekend Pt. 2 . . . . . .

Also known as wedding day! Jenny was gorgeous and Michael excited.
Ready?...Photos form the rest of my fun family weekend!

The beautiful bride getting her makeup done!
She already looks lovely even without before the dress!

I just love those first looks from the bride and groom at weddings.

I have a sister ! I only have a brother so that is very exciting to me!

The day after the wedding there was a gift opening brunch and then before the love birds were off on their honeymoon, we all poked around in downtown Safety Harbor where they were having chalk fest!

I do realize that I haven't given you any photos of the dress! We didn't get any with our camera but once I get my hand on some that other people got I will show you all!
I also have more photos from Chalk Fest coming up too!

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